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Electroless Nickel

Electroless Nickel

Electroless Nickel (E-Nickel) is a functional coating which is capable of offering enormous advantages to the engineering field. E-Nickel offers several advantages over conventional coating processes. Among the advantages are uniform deposit buildup on all surfaces without beading; the NickleGears_Resize01ability to coat irregular shapes uniformly; and the ability to heat treat the deposit to increase the hardness to 68 Rockwell C.

JAR-TEX Industries, Inc. offers a high-phosphorous nickel.

Corrosion Resistance:
Compared with an electrolytic deposited nickel or chrome deposit of the same thickness, the corrosion resistance of Electroless Nickel is vastly superior in an extensive range of environments. The coating has very high inherent corrosion resistance and low porosity
46-48 Rc as applied but can be heat treated to bring the hardness up to 68 Rc
Abrasion and Wear:
The abrasion and wear resistance of the E-Nickel coating in the as-plated condition is superior to electro-deposited nickel and is equal to that of conventional hard chrome after heat treating.
E-Nickel can be applied from .000050” to .003” thick with a uniform coverage.
E-Nickel can be applied to stainless steel, copper, beryllium, nickel, its’ alloys, and all steels.
MIL-C-26074B, AMS 2404, and AMS 2405

JAR-TEX Industries does not coat Titanium, Aluminum, or Magnesium.