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Hard Chrome

Hard Chrome

Abrasion, friction, corrosion, heat and vibration are the most frequent causes of wear. Chromium coatings resist the effects of these elements by interposing a super hard, anti-friction, rust resistant layer between exposed surfaces, mating surfaces, and their surrounding parts.

Hard Chrome is 68-70 Rockwell C as applied.

Enteck_2PieceW425Corrosion Resistance:
Hard Chrome is highly resistant against corrosive attack by water, salt solutions, and most chemicals. Its’ behavior in corrosive service is closely related to that of stainless steels.

JAR-TEX Industries Incorporated specializes in “flash” chrome coatings from .000050” to .001” thick.

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Hard Chrome can be applied to all ferrous metals such as tool steels, cold roll/hot roll, high carbon, low carbon, etc. Non ferrous metals that hard chrome can be applied to include all stainless steels, beryllium, copper and copper alloys, bronze/brass, etc.

Aluminum, magnesium, and titanium are substrates not recommended for chromium coating.